About Us


More than 80 years ago, the tradition of growing chile began with our Great Grandparents Joseph and Celestina Franzoy who immigrated to the Hatch Valley from Austria. Today, their family has grown to over 700 and many of them continue the chile farming tradition.

Farmers swear the unique, sandy loam soil, coupled with good water and perfect “chile climate”, make growing this chile unmatched anywhere else. The talent for growing chile in the Hatch Valley has been perfected as it has been passed down from generation to generation. Franzoy family portrait circa 1920’s. Fred Franzoy, bottom row, second on the left, grandfather of Chris Franzoy. Chris Franzoy, a 4th generation farmer in the Hatch Valley continues the family’s legacy today. Chris, along with his wife Tammy Franzoy, own and operate Young Guns Inc and Hatch Chile Factory which is located in Hatch, New Mexico, also known as “The Chile Capital of the World”.

The corporation was established in February of 1992. In 2008 Tammy realized the need to offer consumers world famous, flame roasted, Hatch Valley green chile “year-round”. The two started the “Hatch Chile Factory” for the purpose of producing world famous Hatch Valley chile products unlike any other. Chris and Tammy both shared the passion of wanting to offer consumers premium products. This is a passion that has now been passed on to their children, who will carry on the Franzoy family tradition of producing high quality, safe, nutritional, green and red Hatch Valley Chile products. Our process is simple, unique, old-fashioned and delivers a robust flavor that is unmatched by any other.