24 oz Shelf Stable Jugs (3 Pack)
Young Guns Gift Pack
Discontinued 36oz. 3 Shelf Stable Jugs
12 lbs. Flame Roasted Hatch Green Chile Variety Frozen Diced
8 lbs. Flame Roasted Hatch Green Chile Variety Frozen Diced

What our customers are saying


This should go directly to Christopher...! I recently bought your frozen red chile, both hot and mild, made shredded red chile pork and let me just say that it was the bomb! Great job Christopher! My hats off to your creativity and your Team!


Thank You! My NM family has been bringing your products to me in PA when they visit. With Covid the visits have stopped and mostly I miss your products. Now, via online ordering, I can have a taste of home.


This stuff is my newest obsession!!


Found some of your great frozen Hatch Valley Green Chile at Walmart in Sacramento, California.


This packaging is pure genius! The chile tastes like Hatch green chile should taste, and it’s a great way for us NM “ex-pats” to get our chile fix when we don’t have a lot of freezer space. Thank you Young Guns!!


I just wanted to thank you for the happiness your peppers bring me. I buy your product through Harps grocery in Arkansas when they are fresh in August. I roast then freeze or dehydrate to enjoy while they last. Thanks again for excellent chile Verde...


Just wanted to let you know that a customer that I chatted with at a local store said you all sold "Diced Hatch Valley Green Chile", X-HOT at which I had to try...BAM! Now I buy nothing but Young Guns Green Chili, X-Hot of course. Anyway, where have you been hiding all this time?...(just kidding). Keep up the "great" work and continue shipping these peppers to my grocery store indeed. I see people rate this from a 1 to 5 scale..ok, I'll simply give it a 6! Thanks again, your new customer,


The best green chile I didn’t have to process. I love that you don’t add garlic. Love it!


No question. Just want to thank you for the fantastic chile in a jug, Grew up in Albuquerque, graduated UNM. Support UNM, & bought a jug thru their fund raiser. Ordered hot, but you cannot always be sure hot it will be. This was hot, & I am really enjoying it. & now I know how to get in touch in the future. Great that you are carrying on the family tradition.


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